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Long-Haul Flights Posted by on May 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi readers!

I 刚才到家 (just got home) from Beijing for a week to see the 毕业典礼 (graduation ceremony) of my oldest sister.  Needless to say, when I knocked on the door she  吃惊 (was surprised).  On the flight over from Beijing, one of the 空姐 (stewardesses) was going to 退休 (retire) and this was her final 航班 (flight).  On the ride over, the 灯泡 (lightbulb) near my seat wasn’t working, so whenever I tried to read I’d practically 头晕 (get dizzy).

刚才 gang1cai2 – just now
到家 dao4jia – got home (also has another meaning to be discussed in another post)
毕业 bi4ye – graduate
典礼 dian3(2)li3 – ceremony
吃惊 chi1jing1 – be surprised
空姐 kong1jie3 – stewardess
退休 tui4xiu1 – retire
航班 hang1ban2 – flight
灯泡 deng1pao4 – lightbulb
头晕 tou2yun1 – dizzy

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