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Beijing’s First Techno Festival Posted by on May 24, 2009 in Culture, News, Vocabulary

Yesterday I wen to a huge 音乐会 (concert) where the only music was 电子音乐 (electronic music).  It was held at a 广场 (plaza) in the 798 area, a place known for its new-age 艺术 (art).  Notably during the festival, there were very few 垃圾桶 (trash cans) near the areas where people were 跳舞 (dancing), leaving cups strewn all over the place.  Some people tried to jump up on stage, but a group of 保安 (guards) rushed over to move them away.  The afterparty was canceled owing to 考虑 (considerations) about security.  It’s not like this is the first time that Beijing has hosted an event with a large 观众 (audience).  Oh well, 下次吧. (next time)

音乐会 yin1yue4hui – concert
电子音乐 dian4zi3yin1yue4 – electronic music
广场 guang3(2)chang3 – plaza, public square
艺术 yi4shu4 – art
垃圾桶 la1ji1tong3 – trash can
跳舞 tiao4wu3 – dance
保安 bao3an1 – guard(s)
考虑 kao3lv4 – consider/concern
观众 guan1zhong4 – audience
下次吧 xia4ci4ba – next time

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