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Meetings Posted by on May 22, 2009 in Business, Vocabulary

Hi readers!

I’m at a 会议 (meeting) here in Beijing with a lot of high-powered companies present.  A lot of 互联网的创造者 (internet innovators) are here, as are 处理器公司 (processor companies), 股市代表 (stock market representatives), 交易平台公司 (transaction platform companies)等 (and more).  One of the main speakers was from 微软 (Microsoft), I wonder who’s eying whom here.

会议 hui4yi4 – meeting
互联网 hu4lian2wang3 – Internet
创造 chuan4zao4 – create
者 zhe1 – “er/or” like “创造者 (creator)”
处理器 chu4li3qi4 – processor
股市 gu3shi4 – stock market
代表 dai4biao3 – representative
交易 jiao1yi4 – transaction
平台 ping2tai2 – platform
微软 wei1ruan3 – Microsoft

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