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Being Busy Posted by on May 17, 2009 in Vocabulary

Do you ever find yourself losing control in a 忙碌 (busy) lifestyle?  Do you build up 疲劳 (fatigue) with no time to 休息 (rest)?  Well, it may be time that you 发泄 (vent), find opportunities for  社交 (social interaction), maybe even  旅游 (travel) to clear your mind.  Don’t just sit and 发呆 (do nothing/stare at the wall),  打打精神 (pick up your spirits)!  Remember not to 失望 (lose hope), for it is in the most  绝望的时刻 (desperate times) that hope emerges.


忙碌 mang2lu4 – busy
疲劳 pi2lao2 – fatigue
休息 xiu1xi4 – rest
发泄 fa1xie4 – vent
社交 she4jiao1 – social interaction
旅游 lv3you2 – travel
发呆 fa1dai1 – sit and stare
打打精神 da2da3jing1shen2 – pick up your spirits
失望 shi1wang – lose hope
绝望 jue2wang4 – desperate
时刻 shi2ke4- moment

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