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Beijing Craft Beer Festival Posted by on Jan 20, 2014 in Culture

While you may not think of Beijing as a craft beer loving city, think again! Microbreweries are sprouting up in the Chinese capital, and thank goodness – all of that lukewarm Tsingtao and Yanjing sure gets old after a while. Check out the scene at the 2013 installment of the Beijing Craft Beer Festival to get a glimpse into this burgeoning scene.

二环路 – Èr huán lù
2nd Ring Road

大跃啤酒 – dà yuè pí jiǔ
Great Leap Brewery

花椒 – huā jiāo
Sichuan peppercorns

悠航鲜啤 – yōu háng xiān pí
Slow Boat Brewery

京A – jīng A
Jing A

就喝当地 – jiù hē dāng dì
drink local

玉米狗 – yù mǐ gǒu
corn dog

哥们儿饼 – gē men er bǐng
Two Guys and a Pie

百吉饼 – bǎi jí bǐng

四角餐厅 – sì jiǎo cān tīng

现场音乐 – xiàn chǎng yīn yuè
live music

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  1. Vancouver Jazz Fest:

    Besides the usual lime and salt on the beer, what do you guys usually add to your beer?

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