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Chinese Vocabulary for the (Postponed) 2020 Olympic Games Posted by on Jul 20, 2020

The Olympic Games (奥运会 ào yùn huì) are the world’s biggest celebration of sport. More than 200 nations participate in the foremost international sporting event. For a couple of weeks, people from all over the world engage together in fair competitions and athletic skills. The international festival aims to promote solidarity and respect, and to rejoice…

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Talking about Badminton in Chinese Posted by on Apr 2, 2018

One of the things I like about China the most is the fact that almost everyone has a badminton racket, and you will easily find someone to play with almost anywhere. Chinese universities hold badminton courts; stationery stores sell shuttlecocks; and if you wish to engage in some physical exercises, chances are that one of…

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Chinese Vocabulary for the Winter Olympics Posted by on Jan 24, 2018

It’s an exciting time of the year as the Winter Olympics (冬季奥运会 – dōng jì ào yùn huì) are about to get started. You may be interested in the games and would love to talk about them with your Chinese friends or colleagues, but just have no idea how. Never fear, as we’re here to teach you some…

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Summer Fun in and Around Beijing Posted by on Aug 6, 2014

August is upon is, which means the summer holiday for students is coming to a close. In just a few weeks, it’s back to school to hit the books and “good good study, day day up” (好好学习天天向上 – hǎo hào xué xí tiān tiān xiàng shàng) as they say in China. There’s still plenty of…

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Let’s Talk Sports – Chinese Soccer Vocabulary Posted by on Jun 19, 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you know that the biggest event in world sports is going on right now – the World Cup (世界杯 – shì jiè bēi). In America, we call it soccer, but the rest of the world knows this sport as football (足球 – zú qiú). In case you…

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Highlights of Sichuan Province Posted by on Feb 28, 2014

Visit the giant pandas, eat mouth-numbing hot pot, and shake your groove thing in Chengdu. Hike up a Buddhist mountain, drop by a traditional courtyard home and farm, and chill by the river in Ping Le. Hike and enjoy the natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong national parks. Welcome to Sichuan province! 成都 – chéng…

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Beijing Olympic Park Posted by on Feb 24, 2014

奥林匹克公园 – Ào lín pǐ kè gōng yuán Olympic Park 森林公园 – sēn lín gōng yuán Olympic Forest Park 新奥购物中心 – xīn ào gòu wù zhōng xīn Xin Ao Shopping Center 玲珑塔 – líng lóng tǎ Ling Long Tower We just reviewed some Chinese vocabulary for talking about the Winter Olympics in the last post…

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