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Chinese Morning Exercises Posted by on Mar 21, 2022

The Chinese phrase 晨练 is composed of two characters: 晨 (chén) that means morning, dawn; and 练 (liàn) that means to practice, to exercise. Together 晨练 (chén liàn) means morning exercise. 晨练是早上进行的健身运动。 Chén liàn shì zǎo shang jìn xíng de jiàn shēn yùn dòng. Morning exercise is the fitness workout one does in the morning. The…

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The Beijing Winter Olympics Mascot Posted by on Feb 17, 2022

After fourteen years the Olympic Games have returned to China. The 2022 Winter Olympic Games (冬季奥运会 dōng jì ào yùn huì) are taking place this month in Beijing. Their panda mascot was already introduced to the world a couple of years ago: Over 5,800 submissions for the design of the 2022 Winter Games mascot (吉祥物…

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Beijing Winter Olympics Posted by on Feb 10, 2022

The Winter Olympics have already started in Beijing (北京冬奥会已经开始了 běi jīng dōng ào huì yǐ jīng kāi shǐ le). I can’t believe that it’s now been 14 years since I first landed in Beijing for the Summer Olympics (夏季奥运会 xià jì ào yùn huì). It’s definitely different this time around, and not just because of…

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The Chinese Olympic Delegation Posted by on Jul 20, 2021

Last Wednesday, the Chinese Olympic delegation (中国奥运代表团 zhōng guó ào yùn dài biǎo tuán) for the Tokyo 2020 Games was gathered for a meeting in Beijing. The entrance of the General Administration of Sports of China, where the expedition meeting was held, was decorated with slogans. One of the slogans was: 拿道德的金牌,     ná dào dé…

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Talking About the Olympics in Chinese Posted by on Jun 22, 2021

There’s a lot of talk right now about the Summer Olympics (夏季奥运会 xià jì ào yùn huì) at the moment. The games were postponed last year due to the pandemic and there has ben a lot of uncertainty surrounding them. We’re now just a month away and it looks like they are definitely happening in Tokyo…

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