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Chuanzhusi, Sichuan Province Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in Culture, Vocabulary

If you plan on visiting the Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Parks in Sichuan province, you might want to consider staying in Chuanzhusi for a day. This peaceful and quiet town is full of Tibetan culture, has plenty of cheap guesthouses, beautiful scenery, and it’s not far from the airport, making it a great place to start or end your Sichuan adventure.

最后一天 – zuì hòu yì tiān

last day


川主寺 – chuān zhǔ sì



藏语 – zàng yǔ

Tibetan (language)


暑假 – shǔ jià

summer holiday


上学 – shàng xué

go to school


雨伞 – yǔ sǎn



我看不懂他的名字 – wǒ kàn bù dǒng tā de míng zì

I can’t read his name.


佛画 – fó huà

Buddhist paintings


兰州拉面饭菜馆 – lán zhōu lā miàn fàn cài guǎn

Lanzhou pulled noodles restaurant


土豆丝 – tǔ dòu sī

shredded potatoes


拍黄瓜 – pāi huáng guā

smashed cucumbers


他们的特色菜 – tā men de tè sè cài

their specialty


激光灯 – jī guāng dēng

laser lights


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