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Daily Activities in Chinese Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Vocabulary

A good way to self-study Chinese is to practice talking about/writing about your day. We’ve covered how to tell time in Chinese and even some advanced time telling in past posts, so make sure you check those out if you haven’t already. Once you’ve brushed up on your time-telling skills, try to talk about some of your daily activities and what time you do them. To get you started, here are 20 Chinese words/phrases related to everyday activities:

A nice and easy video to help you with your pronunciation for some of the daily activities + how to ask questions.

Every day might not be the same, though. Some days, we do different things at different times. For example…

  • Sometimes I go to work at 8 AM, and sometimes I work at 1 PM.
  • 我有时候早上八点上班,有时候下午一点上班
  • wǒ yǒu shí hou zǎo shàng bā diǎn shàng bān, yǒu shí hou xià wǔ yī diǎn shàng bān
  • I usually do exercise at 10 o’clock.
  • 我一般十点做运动
  • wǒ yī bān shí diǎn zuò yùn dòng
  • I get up at 11 on the weekends.
  • 周末的时候我十一点起床
  • zhōu mò de shí hou wǒ shí yī diǎn qǐ chuáng

Using the vocabulary from this lesson, your awesome time-telling skills, and the three examples provided above, try to make a sentence with:

  • Sometimes I…
  • I usually…
  • On the weekend…
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