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Entertainment and Nightlife Posted by on Apr 27, 2010 in Culture, food

I’ve never been to a bar in the states that didn’t have a deck of cards on hand, and I’ve only once been to a bar in China that didn’t have a few cups for playing dice games.  This is, of course, to participate in one of the numerous 酒令 (jiu3ling4 – drinking games) in China involving 玩骰子 (wan2 shai3zi – playing dice) or other tactics.  If you don’t follow the rules, then the outcome might be be to 罚一杯 (fa2yi4(1)bei1 – fine one cup).

拍七 (pai1 qi1 – clap 7)
This is a game where participants must go around in a circle counting up from any number between 1-20.  Anytime that a number containing a 7 or any of 7’s 倍数 (bei4shu4 – multiples) comes up, the next person has to clap, and the counting continues in the opposite direction.  Whoever claps out of turn or misses a clap point must drink.

划拳 (hua2quan2 – something like “wave fist”)
This is a game where participants each put out 2 hands (if 2 people are playing), and must 猜到 (cai1dao4 – guess correctly) the total number of fingers showing.  Each hand can only show 0 or 5 fingers, so someone might guess “10!” and have 5 fingers showing.  Players take turns saying predictions until they get it right.  Whoever loses has to take a drink.

To be continued..

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