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“Welcome to take Beijing Taxi”, pt 2: Directions Posted by on Apr 26, 2010 in travel, Uncategorized

Once you get past simply telling the cabbie the name of the location, you can now move onto basic directions and driving commands. Not only does it help you get a feel for the city, but it keeps you practicing Chinese and will often lead to further discussion with your 司机 (driver).

For Example:
Keep going. After the West Third Ring Road exit, turn right. Go to the first intersection, turn left. Go to the North Fourth Ring Road, then turn around. My building is in the alley behind the restaurant. Stop/pullover here.

Vocab Breakdown:

一直走 (yīzhízǒu) ”keep going” or “just a little bit up ahead”

停车 (tíng chē): to stop, park, pull over.

转 (zhuǎn) or 拐 (guǎi)-To turn, turn (v)

右 (yòu)-right and 左 (zuǒ)-left

turn right:
turn left

掉头 (diào tóu): u-turn/turn around
Intersection: 十字路口 (shí zì lù kǒu). If you want to keep it simple, just 路口。

出口 (chū kǒu): exit, to exit (n. and v.)

前面 (qián mian)in front
后面 (hòu mian)behind

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