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Fate Posted by on Apr 30, 2010 in Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

In the States, it’s rare to bring up the topics of “fate” or “destiny” when first meeting people, but you may find that this is not the case in China.  Don’t be surprised to hear any of the following when you meet someone:

我们认识了就是缘分 wo3men2 ren4shi4le jiu4shi4 yuan2fen4 – Our meeting was fate/destiny.

我们认识就是个偶遇 wo3men2ren4shi4le jiu4shi4ge4 ou3yu4 – Our meeting is a chance encounter.

很巧 hen3qiao2 – quite a coincidence

There is a tendency for people in China to refer to 命运 (ming4yun4 – fate) in daily conversation as casually as talking about the weather.  Some people may 认命 (ren4ming4 – accept [their] fate), which is a topic for another post entirely.

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