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A Glimpse of Shenzhen Nightlife Posted by on Apr 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Earlier I went to 乐巢 (le4chao2 – [lit. happy nest]) – a club in Shenzhen – after the 装修 (zhuang1xiu1 – renovation) which lasted for about a month.  It reopened today before 劳动节 (lao2dong4jie2 – Labor Day).  There were 跳舞表演 (tiao4wu3biao2(3)yan3 – dance performances) where Chinese dancers as well as dancers possibly from 东欧 (dong1ou1 – eastern Europe) were dressed up like Lady Gaga and other 明星 (ming2xing1 – celebrities).  Most impressive was how 正宗 (zheng4zong1 – authentic) the dances and clothing were.  Since it was an opening night, it was 人山人海 (ren2shan1ren2hai3 – a lot of people [lit. people mountain people sea], or 很挤 (hen3ji2 – very crowded/cramped) in other words.

I am positive that tonight this club’s owners were earning money faster than they could count it.  It’s been said 开夜总会比印钞票要快 (kai1 ye4zong3hui4 bi3 yin4 chao1piao4 yao4 kuai4 – opening[running] a nightclub is faster than printing money, and I wouldn’t doubt it tonight.

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