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Hangzhou (杭州) – Part One – West Lake Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Culture, history, Leisure, sightseeing, Street Markets, travel

The capital of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is a beautiful city famous for its massive West Lake scenic area. You can take a stroll around the lake, with its many gardens, temples, and pagodas, or rent a boat to take you around. By night, there’s tons of delicious food available in a local night market, making for a great day!

杭州 – háng zhōu

浙江省 – zhè jiāng shěng
Zhejiang province

鼓楼 – gǔ lóu
Drum Tower

西湖 – xī hú
West Lake

西湖十景 – xī hú shí jǐng
10 scenic spots of the West Lake

坐船 – zuò chuán
take a boat

情侣 – qíng lǚ

人山人海 – rén shān rén hǎi
a sea of people

黄金周 – huáng jīn zhōu
golden week

休息 – xiū xí

孔雀 – kǒng què

喂鱼 – wèi yú
feed the fish

十分钟 – shí fēn zhōng
ten minutes

食欲 – shí yù

夜市 – yè shì
night market

烤羊腿 – kǎo yáng tuǐ
grilled leg of lamb

包子 – bāo zi
steamed bun

寿司 – shòu sī

菠萝饭 – bō luó fàn
pineapple rice

豆腐 – dòu fu

牛胃 – niú wèi
cow stomach

西安风味小吃 – Xī’ān fēng wèi xiǎo chī
Xi’an style snack

肉夹馍 – ròu jiā mó
Chinese hamburger

老北京鸡肉卷 – lǎo běi jīng jī ròu juàn
Old Beijing chicken roll

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