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Health Inspection Posted by on Oct 22, 2009 in Vocabulary

The other day I went to a hospital for a 体检 (health inspection) which is part of the application process for a 居留证 (residence permit).  The first step included going to the hospital and 填表 (filling in a form) regarding basic health information, and the bottom of the form has a part where you have to 打钩 (make a check mark) next to diseases you have or had in the past.  Because I used to have 哮喘 (asthma), I decided to indicate it for the reference of the doctors.  After filling out the form, the receptionist typed my data into the computer, printed out a copy, and asked me to 核对 (check if the information was correct).  Normally I don’t think that people would 输错 (input [data] incorrectly), but you have to check for even the smallest 错误 (mistake/accident) in these types of situations.  Well, imagine my surprise when my checkbox for “asthma” was marked by the receptionist as 肝炎 (hepatitis)!  Aside from being incorrect and having multiple medical consequences, hepatitis is one of the diseases that puts a person on the 黑名单 (black list), effectively crushing that person’s chances at a residence permit, much less another visa into the country!  Always check your forms, readers!

体检 ti2(3)jian3 – health inspection
居留证 ju1liu2zheng4 – residence permit
填表 tian2biao3 – fill in a form
打钩 da3gou1 – make a check mark
哮喘 xiao1chuan2 – asthma
肝炎 gan1yan2 – hepatitis
黑名单 hei1ming2dan1 – black list
核对 he2dui4 – check if [something] is correct
输错 shu1cuo4 – input incorrectly
错误 cuo4wu4 – error

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