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Stocks! Posted by on Oct 19, 2009 in Business, Vocabulary

Hello readers!

Have you ever invested in China before? Maybe you’ve heard about the recent 轮胎关税 (tire tariffs) issue.  To be sure, a lot of people are investing here.  Some people buy shares in an 指数基金 (index fund), while others dream of one day running their own  私募 (private equity) venture.  Take a good long look at your 走势图 (trend charts) and do your best to predict the next 升跌 (rise and/or fall) to make your fortune.  Betting on downward trends of Chinese 股票 (stocks) is prohibited by Chinese 国家规定 (nationwide regulations), so don’t hedge your financial future on risky 赌博 (gambling) when someone offers you an opportunity to short a stock here.

轮胎 lun2tai1 – tires
关税 guan1shui4 – tariff
指数 zhi3shu4 – index
基金 ji1jin1 – fund
私募  si1mu4 – private equity
走势图 zou3shi4tu2 – trend chart
上升 shang4sheng1 – rise, go up
跌 die3 – fall
股票 gu3piao4 – stock
国家规定 guo2jia1gui1ding4 – national rule/regulation
赌博 du3bo2 – gambling

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