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Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Video – Part Two Posted by on Nov 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

For Part Two of the Golden Week trip, we head out on a three-day tour of the desert and grasslands for some peace and quiet, fun with animals, and the experience of sleeping in a traditional Mongolian yurt.

沙漠 – shā mò

骑骆驼 – qí luò tuo
ride camels

沙漠排球 – shā mò pái qiú
desert volleyball

滑沙 – huá shā
sand sliding

美国加油 – Měi guó jiā yóu
Go USA! (Lit. USA add oil)

日落 – rì luò

篝火 – gōu huǒ

白酒 – bái jiǔ
Chinese spirits

草原 – cǎo yuán

骑马很好玩儿, 可是骑马以后,腿特别疼 – qí mǎ hěn hǎo wán er, kě shì qí mǎ yǐ hòu, tuǐ tè bié téng.
Riding the horse was a lot of fun, but after riding, my legs were in serious pain.

蒙古包是蒙古人传统的住房 – Méng gǔ bāo shì méng gǔ rén chuán tǒng de zhù fáng
A yurt is traditional Mongolian housing.

牛粪火 – Niú fèn huǒ
cow dung fire

他们唱的是同一首歌,一个人用蒙古话,一个人用汉语。 – Tā men chàng de shì tóng yī shǒu gē, yī gè rén yòng méng gǔ huà, yī gè rén yòng hàn yǔ.
They are both singing the same song. One person is using Mongolian, one person is using Chinese.

可以鼓掌了 – kě yǐ gǔ zhǎng le
It’s OK to clap.

日出 – rì chū

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  1. BlueJava:

    Hi, Just wondered if you could tell me the company you travelled with to Mongolia please? This looks wonderful and you’ve made a great language video from it as well.

    Thank you!


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