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An Inner Mongolia Adventure Posted by on Sep 12, 2014

Once upon a time, I headed to a train ticket office in Beijing with a list of destinations that I was considering traveling to for the National Holiday (国庆节 – guó qìng jié). My girlfriend hadn’t been in China for that long, and she really hadn’t seen much outside of Beijing. It being one of…

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Better Know an… Autonomous Region (Inner Mongolia) Posted by on Jul 6, 2013

For the past few months, we’ve been going all across China and getting to know this massive country better. So far, we have covered two municipalities and six provinces. In case you’ve missed any of it, here’s a quick rundown: Beijing Shanghai Sichuan Heilongjiang Gansu Zhejiang Shaanxi Yunnan Today, we’re going to switch it up…

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The Taklamakan Desert (塔克拉玛干沙漠) Posted by on Nov 27, 2011

The Taklamakan Desert or 塔克拉玛干沙漠 (Tǎkèlāmǎgān Shāmò), is the world’s 17th largest desert (and one of the largest sandy deserts), running north-south throughout western Xinjiang, Mongolia and even parts of Russia and Afghanistan. It is bordered by the KunLun mountains to the south and the Tianshan (later post) to the north. Taklamakan is a cold desert, elevated more than…

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Xi’an (西安) Posted by on Oct 18, 2011

西安 (xī ān) is a one of China’s oldest cities and has been a cultural and historical landmark throughout China’s history. At various times, this walled city of Shanxi Province or 陕西 (Shǎnxī) functioned as the capital city of China, and the home of the first imperial families. For millennium all roads have led to…

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Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Video – Part Two Posted by on Nov 29, 2010

For Part Two of the Golden Week trip, we head out on a three-day tour of the desert and grasslands for some peace and quiet, fun with animals, and the experience of sleeping in a traditional Mongolian yurt. 沙漠 – shā mò desert 骑骆驼 – qí luò tuo ride camels 沙漠排球 – shā mò pái…

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