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Hong Kong Posted by on Dec 30, 2009 in Vocabulary

After leaving 伦敦 I had to spend some time in Hong Kong.  Having never spent time at 兰桂坊 (Lan Kwai Fong, an area similar to Beijing’s 三里屯 [Sanlitun] district), I went with some friends to investigate.  There I met an American 本地人 (local) who had moved to Hong Kong when he was a toddler, as well as a group of tourists from 瑞典 (Sweden) who were on holiday in Hong Kong before going to Vietnam.  Lan Kwai Fong is a popular place for people to party 通宵 (all-night) until 天亮 ([the sun comes up]) the next morning, because many establishments there are open long through the night.  Many people in Hong Kong have a very 现实 (practical/realistic) attitude towards life, not dwelling on setbacks but rather focusing on 下一步 ([the] next step).  After returning to Shenzhen, I met with a friend who is interested in joining the ranks of a 私募 (private equity) fund.

伦敦 lun2dun1 – London
兰桂坊 lan2gui4fang1 – Lan Kwai Fong, a popular entertainment district in Hong Kong
三里屯 san1li3tun2 – Sanlitun, an entertainment district in Beijing popular among foreigners
本地人 ben3di4ren2- local perosn
瑞典 rui4dian3 – Sweden
通宵 tong1xiao1 – all night long
天亮 tian1liang4 – lit. “sky light” sunrise
现实 xian4shi2 – realistic, practical
下一步  xia4yi1(2)bu4 – [the] next step
私募 si1mu4 – private equity

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  1. norm:

    hi Andrew,
    I came accross your blog and thought you might help me out. You see My wife is Chinese and when I come accross a great novel I would like her to read it also. But for her to really enjoy the reading experience we need to find a Chinese translation. Most novels I read are best sellers thereby increasing the chances they were translated. The difficulty with Chinese is you never know exactly how the title or the author’s name is translated making it difficult to search for it. Do you have suggestions where I could look to find the Chinese version of popular books? or who/where to ask to find the translated version of a book?
    If you dont have any idea then would you have a suggestion where to post this question?
    Avid reader,

  2. Andrew:

    Hey there Norm,

    Usually my best approach is to look for the book on taobao.com or zhuoyue.com. Fortunately the books you’re looking for are best-sellers, so it’s likely that there will be translations available on one of these two sites. Usually the listing will have the book’s English and Chinese names to boost sales. I hope this has been helpful!

    Best wishes,


  3. ll:

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