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A Big Buddha and More on Lantau Island Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in architecture, architecture and landscaping, Buddhism, Culture, history, Leisure, religion, sightseeing, travel

Cruise over to Lantau Island for an awesome Hong Kong day trip. Take the cable car for stunning views, climb to the top of the Big Buddha, wander through the wisdom path, and pay a visit to the Po Lin Monastery.

大屿山 – dà yǔ shān
Lantau Island

nǐ xū yào pái duì yī gè xiǎo shí zuǒ yòu
You need to line up for an hour or so.

缆车 – lǎn chē
cable car

日本菜 – rì běn cài
Japanese food

天坛大佛 – tiān tán dà fú
Big Buddha

心经简林 – xīn jīng jiǎn lín
Wisdom Path

宝莲禅寺 – bǎo lián chán sì
Po Lin Monastery
“Precious Lotus Zen Temple”

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