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Xi’an (西安) – Huaqing Hot Spring (华清池) Posted by on Jun 5, 2012

Take a day trip out of Xi’an to the historical site of Mt. Lishan and the Huaqing Hot Springs in this short video. This mountain resort provided R&R for countless Chinese Emperors, with plenty of natural hot springs and beautiful scenery. For more modern history, you can see the place where Chiang Kai-shek hid from…

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History of the PRC – Part Twelve Posted by on Jan 3, 2011

At the end of Part Eleven, we found Mao Zedong and the Communist forces battered, bruised, yet still intact after the Long March. While enduring the hardships and struggles of their historical march across the country, Mao’s troops obeyed his Three Rules of Discipline: Obey orders in all your actions. Do not take a single…

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