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North American Countries in Chinese Posted by on Nov 3, 2015

Our epic Chinese geography lesson continues as we learn the countries, states, provinces, and cities from all across this great world of ours bit by bit. In case you’ve missed any of the previous lessons, here they are: All 50 US States in Chinese Canadian Provinces, Territories, and Cities European Countries South American Countries and…

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Chinese Names for European Countries Posted by on Sep 23, 2015

We’re going all around the world to learn the Chinese names for different countries, states, provinces, cities – you name it! In case you missed the previous posts, here are links to catch you up: Chinese Names for the 50 United States Chinese Names for Canadian Provinces, Territories, and Major Cities Chinese Names for South…

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Geography in Chinese Posted by on Jan 4, 2013

For some it comes easy, but for many people geography is a difficult subject in school. It’s even more complicated when you try it in another language. As an English teacher in China, I find that my students are often confused when it comes to talking about geography in English. Of course, I face the…

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