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Baozi vs. Jiaozi Posted by on Mar 20, 2017

Life is full of difficult choices. Tea or coffee, chicken or fish, but most of all, baozi (包子 – bāo zi) or jiaozi (饺子 – jiǎo zi). Both are cheap, delicious little bundles of joy, so you really can’t go wrong either way. Let’s take a closer look at these two famous Chinese dishes and try…

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Chinese Breakfast (中式早餐) Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

What do Chinese people eat for breakfast? Check out some common breakfast foods such as steamed stuffed buns and a tasty egg pancake known as jian bing in this short video. Video Vocabulary Here are the vocabulary words used in the video: 早餐 – zǎo cān breakfast 包子 – bāo zi steamed stuffed bun 卤蛋 –…

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Chinese Street Food Posted by on Mar 24, 2014

Street eats are some of the best in China – cheap and incredibly delicious! Take a video tour of night markets to learn a bunch about Chinese street food. 驴肉火烧 – lǘ ròu huǒ shāo donkey meat sandwich 饺子 – jiǎo zi dumplings 凉皮 – liáng pí “cold skin” (a cold noodle dish) 包子 –…

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