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Yangshuo (阳朔) – Part Three – Li River (漓江) Posted by on Oct 26, 2011 in Culture

After a fun couple of days enjoying Yangshuo, we headed out of the town for a day trip. Starting from the town of Yangdi, we cruised along the beautiful Li River on a bamboo raft for a few hours, admiring the scenery. Check out some of the highlights in this short video.

一日游 – yí rì yóu
day trip

杨堤乡 – yáng dī xiāng
Yangdi town

竹排 – zhú pái
bamboo raft

漓江 – lí jiāng
Li River

猫儿山 – māo er shān
Cat Mountain

天气不好… 下雨了 – tiān qì bù hǎo, xià yǔ le
the weather was bad… it was raining

桂林山水甲天下 – guì lín shān shuǐ jiǎ tiān xià
Guilin’s scenery is the finest under Heaven.

太阳出来了 – tài yáng chū lái le
the sun came out

骑马 –  qí mǎ
ride a horse

我们拍了几个照片 – wǒ men pāi le jǐ gè zhào piàn
We took plenty of photos.

所有的鸭在水中游泳 – suǒ yǒu de yā zài shuǐ zhōng yóu yǒng
All the ducks are swimming in the water.

20元人民币背面风景 – 20 yuán rén mín bì bèi miàn fēng jǐng
landscape on the back of the 20 RMB note

小吃 – xiǎo chī

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