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Danish Hygge Words Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in Society, Vocabulary

After last week’s hygge post, I thought it would be hyggelig if we could hygge os some more! 🙂 After all, that’s how many Danes spend the cold season, until the sun is smiling and it’s time for sommerhygge… Look how many hygge words there are:

(Photo by Jacob Bøtter at Flickr, CC License.)

(Photo by Jacob Bøtter at Flickr, CC License.)

hygge – the Danish way of cozying up and enjoying life (look back for some great explanations!)

hyggelig – the adjective, describing something ”nice” or ”pleasant” or ”cozy”: en hyggelig aften [evening], en hyggelig gammel mand [old man], et hyggeligt t(h)ekøkken (a kitchenette full of hygge). It’s also something you’d say after a nice evening spent together with someone: Det var hyggeligt! (It’s been a pleasure!)

at hygge sig – the verb, with the meaning ”enjoy oneself (in a hyggelig way)”: Hygger I jer? (Are you guys having a good time?) De hyggede sig rigtigt meget i sofaen. (They really enjoyed themselves in the sofa.) Hyg dig! (Have fun!)

at hygge – the verb can also be used without the sig part (but not everywhere – you can’t say ”Hyg!” without the dig part!)  Without the reflexive pronoun (mig, dig, sig, os, jer), it’s a bit more informal, though: Nu skal vi rigtigt hygge! (Now we’re really gonna have a good time!)

en hygger is slang for someone who hygger a lot or enjoys at hygge sig: Vi er sådan nogle ”hyggere”! (We are that kind of ”hyggers”!)

The word hygge can be combined with almost anything. Aftenhygge is the kind of hygge you have in the evening – sofahygge takes place in a sofa, and so on! 🙂 Maybe you sit in the sofa eating hyggeslik (hygge candy) while having a hyggesnak (hygge talk) or hyggesludder (hygge chat) with a friend. A waitress spontaneously came up with the word hyggethe (hygge tea) when I asked for some hygge input! 🙂

If this is too much hygge for you, there is a word for that as well! According to a dictionary, the word hyggenygge means ”intens el. overdreven hygge” (intense or exaggerated hygge).

Do you know any fun uses of the word hygge? Please share your stories with the other readers. 🙂

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About the Author: Bjørn A. Bojesen

I was born in Denmark, but spent large parts of my childhood and study years in Norway. I later returned to Denmark, where I finished my MA in Scandinavian Studies. Having relatives in Sweden as well, I feel very Scandinavian! I enjoy reading and travelling, and sharing stories with you! You’re always welcome to share your thoughts with me and the other readers.


  1. ANNIE:

    hi Bjorn!

    love the word hygge a lot since it represents the inner state of a person. So if we want to describe someone is at the state of hygge, can we call him/her a “hygger’?

    thanks in advance for the answer!

    • Bjørn A. Bojesen:

      @ANNIE Hi Annie!
      I’ve never heard ”hygger” – but I would get what you meant at once. So, I think you should go for it! 🙂
      Good luck!