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Tivoli Garden fireworks. (Photo courtesy of Stig Nygaard at Flickr, CC License.)

Tivoli Garden fireworks. (Photo courtesy of Stig Nygaard at Flickr, CC License.)

As 2015 is about to hand over the torch to 2016, here’s a quick tilbageblik (retrospect) at the 10 most popular blog posts i år (this year). See you in 2016. Godt nytår! 🙂

10 Birthdays in Denmark

Do you remember your last birthday party? If you were living in Denmark at the time, there’s a chance you do! 🙂 I’ve never been to a country where people are so obsessed with their birthdays; children, adults are looking forward to the presents and the cakes – even shops celebrate their birthdays, with hundreds of Dannebrog flags. (And no, it’s not nationalism, it’s just for the hygge!)

9 Danish Noun phrases for dummies

If you’re a native speaker like me, Noun phrases look easy in Danish. After all, you’ve only got to genders and two endings for the adjectives (t or e)! Of course, as a learner of Danish, things get a little bit more complex. Here I’ve tried to boil things down into something you too can chew! (Yummy!)

8 A Danish quiz

What is Denmark’s national bird? And did the Danish language really get a new vowel? Give the quiz a go, and you’ll be amazed how many Æ’s, Ø’s and Å’s you’ll actually get! 🙂

7 En or et – The peculiar sex life of Danish nouns

Every Danish noun is either an en or an et word. But what is which, and how does it all stack up?

6 Soft ds are not hard

Mal mal mal mad! For many learners, the so-called soft Ds of Danish are a nightmare. This post tells you why you should brigthen up and get those words out of your mouth! Actually, the soft Ds are very close to the TH sound of English brother…

5 100 most common written words in Danish

If you know these words, you can start to spell your way through ads in the MetroXpress newspaper, and maybe initiate a very basic conversation in the Copenhagen metro! 🙂

4 Danish Pick-up Lines

A group of Italians I met in Spain were convinced that all Danes were ”easygoing” and ready for a quick romantic adventure. While I can’t guarantee the efficiency of these pick-up lines, now at least you’ve got an excuse to flash your exotic accent at Danish bars!

3 10 Danish Mountains You Should Climb

Did you know that one of Denmark’s highest peaks is called Himmelbjerget – Sky Mountain? Yes, the pancake country” of  Denmark got plenty of mountains if you just know where to look for them. Read this post to find out…

2 Swearing in Danish

If you’re a fan of Danish tv serials like ”Borgen” or ”The Killing”, you’ve maybe noticed that the English F word has sneaked into Danish mouths, that tend to churn it out so it sounds like a fork. But Danish has got plenty of other words to express your rage or frustration. Feel free to let it out in the comments section! >:-]

1 Hello Goodbye

Sometimes, the little short words are the most essential. Read this post, pick your best smile, and prepare yourself for the joyful side of Denmark. 🙂

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