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Sing along, it’s jul! Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Culture, Traditions

When learning languages, it’s a really good idea to SING! If the melody is really nice, the words will just etch themselves into your brain! 🙂 Forget about rules of grammar, forget about rules of pronunciation, just take it easy and sing along!

Here are two danske julesange (Danish Christmas songs or carols) for you two sing along. Generally, Danes love to sing, and on juleaften (Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th) many families even dance around juletræet while singing songs like these!

A note about religion: Jul is a kristen højtid (Christian feast) in Denmark, celebrating the birth of Jesus. But it is also an old Viking feast, celebrating the birth of the Light. So, even Danes who are not very Christian (usually!) take part in julen, decorating their homes with nisser etc. Since Transparent Language is not about preaching, I’ve included one Christian Xmas song and one not-so-Christian one. 🙂

Glædelig jul!


Dejlig er jorden Lovely is the earth
Dejlig er jorden,
prægtig er Guds himmel,
skøn er sjælenes pilgrimsgang!
Gennem de fagre
riger på jorden
gå vi til paradis med sang!

Tider skal komme,
tider skal henrulle,
slægt skal følge slægters gang;
aldrig forstummer
tonen fra himlen
i sjælens glade pilgrimssang.

Englene sang den
først for markens hyrder,
skønt fra sjæl til sjæl det lød:
Fred over jorden!
Menneske, fryd dig,
os er i dag en frelser fød!

Lovely is the earth,
magnificent is God’s Heaven,
beautiful is the pilgrimage of the souls!
Throughout the fair
realms on the earth
we go to Paradise with song!

Times will come,
times will roll past,
generation will follow the passing of genertions;
never will become silent
the melody from Heaven
in the soul’s happy pilgrimage.

The angels sang it
first for the shepherds of the field,
beutifully from soul to soul it sounded:
Peace be upon the world!
Human being, rejoice,
today a saviour has been born to us!



På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød In the loft the Nisse is siting with his Christmas porridge
På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød,
sin julegrød, så god og sød,
han nikker, og han spiser, og han er så glad
for julegrød er hans bedste mad.
Men rundt omkring står alle de små rotter,
og de skotter, og de skotter:
“Vi vil så gerne ha’ lidt julegodter,”
og de danser, danser rundt i ring.

Men nissefar han truer med sin store ske:
“Vil I nu se at kom’ af sted,
for jeg vil ha’ min julegrød i ro og fred,
og ingen, ingen vil jeg dele med.”
Men rotterne de hopper, og de danser,
og de svinser, og de svanser,
de kikker efter grøden, og de standser,
og de står om nissen tæt i ring.

Men nissefar han er en lille hidsigprop,
og med sin krop han gør et hop:
“Jeg henter katten, hvis I ikke holder op,
når katten kommer, skal det nok bli’ stop.”
Så bliver alle rotterne så bange,
åh, så bange, åh, så bange,
de vender sig og danser et par gange,
og en, to, tre, så er de væk!

In the loft the Nisse is siting with his Christmas porridge,
his Christmas porridge, so good and sweet,
he’s nodding, and he’s eating, and he is so happy
since Christmas porridge is his best food.
But all around the small rats are standing,
and they’re glancing, and they’re glancing:
”We really want to have som Christmas candy,”
and they’re dancing, dancing in a round.

But Nisse Dad he’s threatening with his big spoon:
”You better make sure to get away,
because I want my Christmas porridge for myself in peace,
and with nobody, nobody do I want to share.”
But the rats they’re hopping, they’re dancing,
and they’re flouncing, and they’re ”flancing”,
they’re looking at the porridge, and they’re stopping,
and they stand closely around the Nisse in a round.

But Nisse Dad he is a little angry chap,
and with his body he makes a jump:
”I’ll fetch the cat if you guys don’t stop,
when the cat comes, this will surely end.”
Then all the rats are getting so scared,
oh, so scared, oh, so scared,
they turn around and dance a couple of times,
and one, two, three, they’re gone!

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