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King Carrot and other Danish Weirdos Posted by on Jul 31, 2020

Danish has two aspects that makes it particularly hard for learners: 1. The sounds, which Danish (!) poet Benny Andersen compared to havregrød i kog (boiling oatmeal porridge). 2. The Danish humour and culture, which is embedded in the language. Where else in the world can you say that something costs ”a dog” (en hund)…

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Danish in a Glass of Beer Posted by on Mar 26, 2016

Jeg stormed ud og købte øl / ja vintrens gamle stive føl / fór ud på grønne enge… Once you get it, you’ll see that only in Denmark would anyone sing about springtime kærlighed (love) with the words: I rushed out to buy beer / yeah, the old, stiff winter foals / darted out to…

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Fiction Heroes in Danish Posted by on Jan 21, 2016

Har du set den ny Star Wars-film? (Have you seen the new SW movie?) Ever since nytår (New Year) I’ve been wanting to do a post for all the Star Wars fans out there! But I hate to say it – besides lyssværd (light sabre, literally ”light sword”!) and Må kraften være med dig! (May…

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Sing along, it’s jul! Posted by on Dec 24, 2015

When learning languages, it’s a really good idea to SING! If the melody is really nice, the words will just etch themselves into your brain! 🙂 Forget about rules of grammar, forget about rules of pronunciation, just take it easy and sing along! Here are two danske julesange (Danish Christmas songs or carols) for you…

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Danish for Librarians Posted by on Aug 31, 2015

Talking is king, but sometimes en god bog (a good book) may be your best friend in your struggle to absorb the charming Danish language! Finding a bibliotek [beebleeohTEHK] (library) is never a problem in Denmark, as even smaller towns use to have a public library. Most often, however, you will need a Danish address…

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Danish Lessons with Mick Jagger Posted by on Jul 27, 2014

Mennesker i alle afskygninger. Telte og lejre/camps. En stor, blå himmel. Orange Scene. Øl og rytmer. Kærlighed. Venskab. Skænderier. Nætter uden søvn. Sved og gammelt tøj. Nøgenløb. Støv. Urin. Fællesskab. Latter. Solbriller. Armbånd. Masser af musik. (People of every shade/kind. Tents and camps. A big, blue sky. The Orange Stage. Beer and rhythms. Love. Friendship…

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Cinema Season Posted by on Nov 24, 2013

At være født i november/har lagt en dæmper/på mit liv. (Being born in November/has put a damper/on my life.) The words come from a well-known song by Danish songwriter and poet Benny Andersen. True, November isn’t exactly the funniest month to be in Denmark! Det er vådt og koldt. (It’s wet and cold.) And, as…

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