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Diphthongs, Double Vowels, and Triple Vowels Posted by on Apr 23, 2009

Just like the post just before this, I’ll give the vowel, give a close English approximation of how it’s pronounced and give two examples of Dutch words that have the vowel. The Dutch words will be highlighted in black and in parentheses. The English meaning will follow afterwards. ie – kind of like the ee…

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Ultspraak Posted by on Apr 22, 2009

We’re going to work on Dutch ultspraak, or Dutch pronunciation. I’ll give you tips on how to pronounce Dutch sounds and compare them with sounds that are close to what you may hear in English. Just a reminder though, the sounds may not be exactly what you hear in English and the only way you can…

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Beschuit met muisjes Posted by on Apr 21, 2009

Hallo (hello)! My name is Yohann and I’ll be your new Dutch blogger from now on. Moving on to some business, I have a story for you that’ll bring a tear to your eyes. Wait, those are happy, mushy, gushy tears. Just a month ago my nephew was born. He’s a healthy, happy bouncing seven…

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