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Schoon Vlaams: Dutch vs. Flemish Posted by on Nov 18, 2016

Dutch is usually associated with the Dutch. That makes sense, not everybody knows that Dutch is also an official language of Suriname and Belgium. Is Dutch the same everywhere? No, each country has its own variety. Let’s have a closer look at the Dutch spoken in Belgium. What’s it called? First, some terminology. Dutch is…

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Dutch Numbers 1 – 20 Posted by on Oct 25, 2012

numbers image by Irargerich via flickr

We’ve provided this simple table of Dutch numbers from 0 – 20 for everyone who may be new to learning Dutch.  There’s also a video below that contains native speaker pronunciation for each number.  Listen to it a few times, and make sure you practice saying the words out loud, too; this will really help…

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Dutch Verbs That End in -n Posted by on Aug 21, 2009

There are Dutch verbs that end in -n instead of the usual -en in the infinitive. A high frequency verb that uses -n in the infinitive ending is doen, which means *to do ik doe jij doet u doet hij/zij/het doet wij doen jullie doen zij doen Another verb of this nature is the verb…

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Dutch D Verbs Posted by on Aug 18, 2009

Verbs with a stem that ends in -d add the -t in the second and third person singular. rijden = to drive ik rijd/rij (the d may be written but it is not pronounced) jij rijdt u rijdt hij/zij/het rijdt wij rijden jullie rijden zij rijden houden = to hold ik houd/hou jij houdt u…

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This, That, These, Those Posted by on Aug 15, 2009

In Dutch, there are two words to say ‘this’ and two words to say ‘that’. When ‘this’ is used before a common noun, ‘deze‘ is used. Example: deze man *this man When ‘this’ is used before a neuter noun, ‘dit‘ is used. Example: dit huis *this house When ‘these’ is used, ‘deze‘ is used, regardless of…

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Indefinite Articles Posted by on Aug 12, 2009

In Dutch there is only one indefinite article. This article is een. It doesn’t matter whether the noun is a de noun or a het noun. For example, ‘a woman’ is een vrouw, (de noun) and ‘a house’ is een huis (het noun). It will both be een no matter what. Also, in English, we…

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Famous Dutch Cheeses Posted by on Aug 9, 2009

Have you ever tried Dutch kaas? Here are some famous brands of Dutch cheese. Goudse kaas : or Gouda cheese, is a yellow colored cheese sold not just in the Netherlands, but all over the world. It was named after the Gouda, a stad in the south of the Netherlands. This cheese has a distinctive sweet flavor…

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