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Famous Dutch Cheeses Posted by on Aug 9, 2009 in Dutch Language

Have you ever tried Dutch kaas? Here are some famous brands of Dutch cheese.

Goudse kaas : or Gouda cheese, is a yellow colored cheese sold not just in the Netherlands, but all over the world. It was named after the Gouda, a stad in the south of the Netherlands. This cheese has a distinctive sweet flavor. It is semi-hard and can be slightly crunchy. The cheese can be creamy in taste with a caramel like taste. I like pairing this cheese with a light fruity wine with crackers. I like my Gouda mild, but you can get a stronger version, depending on how long it’s been aged.

Leidse kaas : or Leyden cheese. It’s named after a city called Leiden. This type of cheese has a variety of spices in it, like cloves (kruidnagel), cumin seeds (komijn) and caraway (karwij). (Caraway is a plant used in Dutch soups (soep), stews and cheeses.) It can be spicy, dry, salty, and tangy. I like this cheese with some white wine. It’s also delicious as a party platter served with some salami and crackers.

Edammer : Edam is from the Dutch town of Edam. Edam cheese is a popular export because it does not spoil as easily as the Leyden or Gouda cheese. It’s also a good cheese for those on a diet. It has less fat than both the Leyden and Gouda cheese. In addition, it’s a great choice of a cheese for those who don’t like smelly cheeses. This cheese is great with fruits like pears and melons.

With that I leave you with the phrase, Smakelijk eten!

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