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Answers to the Word of the Day Practice Posted by on Aug 6, 2009 in Dutch Language

All these words are in the Word of the Day. Find the Dutch equivalent of these words.

1) to kiss (kussen) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-01-2009

2) to reveal (onthullen) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-04-2009

3) to giggle (giechelen) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-08-2009

4) to knit (breienhttps://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-09-2009

5) to garden (tuinieren) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-16-2009

6) to explore (verkennen) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-17-2009

7) deceptive (bedrieglijk) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-19-2009

8) broken (kapot) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-25-2009

9) witty (geestig) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-30-2009

10) to sacrifice (offeren) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-10-2009

11) to sketch (schetsen) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-14-2009

12) to doubt (twijfelen) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-15-2009

13) amiable (aimabel) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-20-2009

14) grey (grauw) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-26-2009

15) nice (fijn) https://blogs.transparent.com/wotd/today/dutch.htm?date=06-27-2009

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  1. Johano:

    To stop 8 + ) from turning into an emoticon, go to WordPress dashboard and choose Settings –> Writing and uncheck the appropriate checkbox.

    Or just use periods instead of parentheses.

  2. Alida:

    what’s the difference in degree between zoenen em kussen? is it the degree between making out and kissing?

  3. Rochelle:

    ^yes that’s the difference.


    innig zoenen

    is intimate kissing

    if it was just “regular” kissing then it would be kussen


  4. William C DeWitt:

    I was taught Zeeland and Fresian as a child and am comparing new Dutch as I learn.