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This, That, These, Those Posted by on Aug 15, 2009 in Dutch Language

In Dutch, there are two words to say ‘this’ and two words to say ‘that’.

When ‘this’ is used before a common noun, ‘deze‘ is used. Example: deze man *this man

When ‘this’ is used before a neuter noun, ‘dit‘ is used. Example: dit huis *this house

When ‘these’ is used, ‘deze‘ is used, regardless of whether the noun is a common noun or a neuter noun. Example: deze mannen *these men. deze huizen *these houses.

When ‘that’ is used before a common noun, ‘die‘ is used. Example: die man. *that man

When ‘that’ is used before a neuter noun, ‘dat‘ is used. *dat huis. *that house

When ‘those’ is used, it doesn’t matter whether the noun is a neuter noun or a common noun.*die mannen. *those people. *die huizen. *those houses.

I’ll give ya some exercises to do on this topic.

Translate these sentence into English:

1) Dit is Jan

2) Dat is klein

3) Deze boot is klein

4) Die schoenen

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  1. dirar:

    Answer not comment

    1- Dit is Jan — This is Jan
    2- Dat is klein- That is small.
    3- Deze boot is klein.- This boot is small.
    4- Die schoenen Those shoes.

  2. Sarmilla Goorye:

    Thanks lot for in helping to learn a new language.Hope very soon I will be able to post a comment in Dutch

  3. Sarmilla Goorye:

    Really very interesting to be able to learn another language
    hoe is het ?