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4 Reasons To Escape Carnival Posted by on Feb 12, 2018 in Culture, Dutch Language

Every February, one of the largest events below the rivieren (rivers) is happening: Carnaval (Carnival). For a few days, the entire Dutch south, especially Noord-Brabant and Limburg, are a complete mess! On this blog, we have written before some of the nice things about Carnaval. But not everybody likes it! While there are many people coming into the south right now, there is also a large crowd fleeing it! Here are some reasons why NOT to celebrate Carnaval.


Run away! (Image by Joshua Ness at Unsplash.com)

If you just want to have a few, restful days, you cannot stay in the South. Carnaval is celebrated everywhere in the South! If you do not want to participate in the crazy fun they all seem to have. So the only option is to lock yourself up in your room, close the blinds and put earplugs in! And that does not seem like a nice option, so you really have to just get out of town.

2. The music is terrible

If you have ever heard the Carnaval music while sober, you will probably not get further than the first or second song. You just get sick of the repetitive melodies and the bad singing. Have you heard the vastelaovondsleedsje for 2018?

3. Dressing up? As adults?

Image by Massygo at Flickr.com under license CC BY SA 2.0)

As a kid, dressing up is fun, sure. But when you are an volwassene (adult), do you still really want to do that? You must be crazy or drunk to enjoy that!

4. Alcohol everywhere

Image by Julia Nastogadka at Unsplash.com

Carnaval is definitely not one of the tamed and calm holidays. During two and a half, sometimes a lot more days, the Carnavalvierders (Carnival celebrators) drink a lot more than at an average party. That can be fun, but in excess, it can also just be dangerous and annoying. Not fun!

The rest of the Netherlands looks at the South with mixed feelings during these days. Some enjoy it, want to let them have their fun. Others really despise it.

In any case,  I think that everyone should decide for themselves what they want to do! I will celebrate Carnaval this year, and I wish everyone a happy Carnaval, regardless whether you like it or not! In the end, the Dutch just want one thing: een gezellige tijd!

Are you celebrating Carnaval? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Michael:

    In Aruba we also have a month long Carnaval season. It’s hard to escape since we are on a small island. Did Carnaval emigrate from Holland or South America to here? When did Carnaval begin in Holland?