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4 Reasons To Escape Carnival Posted by on Feb 12, 2018

Every February, one of the largest events below the rivieren (rivers) is happening: Carnaval (Carnival). For a few days, the entire Dutch south, especially Noord-Brabant and Limburg, are a complete mess! On this blog, we have written before some of the nice things about Carnaval. But not everybody likes it! While there are many people coming into the…

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5 Things To Know About The Dutch Elfde van de Elfde Posted by on Nov 12, 2016

Today, it was a special day. De elfde van de elfde (the eleventh of the eleventh) is the day that marks the start of the Carnival season in the Netherlands and elsewhere. What does this mean in the Netherlands exactly? 5 things to know right here! 1. Vergaderingen The most important thing that happens on…

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The Stadprins is elected! Posted by on Jan 20, 2015

On Sunday, the 18th of January was the official day to elect the Prins van Carnaval (Prince of Carnival – Mardi Gras in Europe, which is also called vastelaovond in the Dutch province Limburg). This person symbolically reigns over the city during the days of Carnival, which is this year from Saturday, February 14 until Wednesday, February 18…

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There’s a Horse in Hall! or Carnival in the Netherlands Posted by on Mar 3, 2014

Campy Dutch music blaring from the speakers. Costumed freaks on the train. Streets littered with beer bottles and cans… It’s that time of year again: Carnival! A painting from 15th century artist Jheronimus Bosch depicting Carnival-like festivities has led scholars to guesstimate that Carnival has been celebrated in the Netherlands since 1385. As the Netherlands is…

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Carnaval: 24-hour party people Posted by on Mar 6, 2011

I will continue to “rep” Limburg this week and treat you all to a little taste of the Carnaval festivities that tear up Maastricht (and the surrounding area) every year for the few days before Lent.  And when I say tear up, I do not joke.  People from all over the Netherlands come to the…

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