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Asking for Directions in Dutch: Phrases Posted by on Jun 23, 2011 in Dutch Language, Dutch Vocabulary

Goede Avond TL Dutch readers!

I hope that you are doing well and that your Dutch studies this week have been moving ahead at full speed.  Last week we looked at some Dutch vocabulary and some Dutch verbs.  Today we will move onto phrases you might use when asking or giving directions.

Starting Out

When you venture up to someone with the intention of asking them for directions, it is probably best to not start out by flinging questions around faster than a quiz master.  Two phrases that can help build-up the conversation are:

Pardon, mag ik u iets vragen? (Excuse me, may I ask you something?)

Bent u hier bekend? (Do you know the area?)

These are two questions that can also give you a heads-up about what a conversation is going to be about if someone approaches you and starts talking.

Asking Directions

Below you will find some phrases that can help you when asking directions.  However, don’t forget that there is no need, especially when you are first starting out, to use the more elaborate phrases.  Simple phrases like “Waar is…?” and “Ik zoek…” will work just as well.  Try combining one of the starter phrases above with one of these simpler phrases and already you have a good conversation started.  Then you can practice understanding the response!

Giving Directions

Again, no need to make your response too complex.  Short phrases with hand gestures and even a small hand-drawn map will get you understood.  You can build up to the longer phrases gradually.

Phrases for Asking and Giving Directions

  • Hoe kom ik bij het station? (How do I get to the train station?)
  • Hoe ver is het vanaf het vliegveld? (How far is it from the airport?)
  • Ik moet naar… (I need to go to…)
  • Waar is de bushalte? (Where is the bus stop?)
  • Waar kan ik een taxi vinden? (Where can I find a taxi?)
  • Hoeveel is de ritprijs? (How much is the fare?)
  • Is er in de buurt een goed restaurant? (Is there a good restaurant in the neighbourhood?)
  • Hoe ver is het nog? (How far is it from here?)
  • Ik ben verdwaald. (I am lost.)
  • Ik zoek… (I’m looking for…)
  • U moet hier links. (Go left here.)
  • Mag ik u iets vragen? (May I ask you something?)
  • Weet u de weg naar… (Do you know the way to…)
  • Ben je hier bekend? (Do you know the area? – informal)
  • Ik ben hier helemaal bekend. (I know the area well.)



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  1. Marleen:

    De zin is
    Is er een goed restaurant in de buurt?