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Dagen, Maanden en Seizoenen: Days, Months and Seasons in Dutch Posted by on Jan 9, 2010 in Dutch Language

Days, months and seasons are pretty important words to remember. If I call the de huisarts (the doctor) and need to make een afspraak (an appointment) I better be certain what day of the week I should be there. Plus I’d hate to miss a good party because I showed up a day late. In Dutch you do not capitalize the first letter of the day, month or season.


maandag : Monday

dinsdag : Tuesday

woensdag : Wednesday

donderdag : Thursday

vrijdag : Friday

zaterdag : Saturday

zondag : Sunday


januari : January

februari : February

maart : March

april : April

mei : May

juni : June

juli : July

augustus : August

september : September

oktober : October

november : November

december : December


de lente : the spring

de zomer : the summer

de herfst : the autumn

de winter : the winter

When writing the date in Dutch you always write the day first, then the month, then the year.

09 januari 2010


This one has been known to cause some trouble for those of us who come from the US. A word to the wise, always double check which date format you are using in which country to avoid some serious confusion.

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