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Dutch Bad Words and Expressions Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Dutch Vocabulary

We all have our moments when we need to vent out our anger and let someone or something have it. Whether you hit your toes on the corner of the bed or you were cut off by crazy fietsers, bad words or swear words help us express our anger.

A while back, I wrote a post about telling someone to fu** in Dutch. This post is a follow up and hopes to provide more insult resources for your needs.

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kutkop- An equivalent of this word in English would be fuck face. When someone pisses you off and you just need to let them have it, just go ahead and tell them je bent een kutkop!

lul- This one translates directly to dick. You can use it to insult someone je bent een lul or if you are in an unfortunate situation with no way out, you can say ik ben de lul which means I am fucked. There are variations to the type of lul such as paardenlul, hondenlul, stomme lil and schijtlul.

If you are ever stuck with someone who is just boring you to death, a nice insult can be droogkloot for male and sufkut for a female. This means something like boring fuck or boring bitch. This can also be used for someone who has said something very dumb.

Hoerenjong literally translates to son of a bitch and can be used pretty much as often and in the same context as the English equivalent.

A very common one is slet which means slut. Try saying zij is echt een sletje! You can also call someone een breezer sletje which is a slut who receives Bacardi Breezer in exchange for sexual favours. What people will do for a drink!


Which swear words do you most commonly use? Which ones do you find funny?

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