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How to tell someone to f*** off in Dutch Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Dutch Vocabulary

Netherlands vs. Mexico (personal photograph)

Netherlands vs. Mexico (personal photograph)

Yesterday the Netherlands and Mexico played a friendly soccer match in Amsterdam. If you followed either country during the World Cup in Brazil, you know it was a very important match, at least for Mexicans. Mexico and the Netherlands faced each other, and the Netherlands beat Mexico after a controversial penalty on Robben. In Mexico, people were furious and people vented their anger with songs, t-shirts, posters and memes. Needless to say, yesterday’s game was very important. Tensions ran high and angry words were exchanged.

In matches like this one, it is very easy for your anger to go unnoticed by your loathed enemy. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to let them know you are upset, pissed, angry, and furious at their unfair play or the simple fact that they beat you. Hence, today’s post will be full of useful and a bit offensive phrases that will get your anger across very easily (and make you sound like a native speaker in the process)!

Godverdomme literally means “God damn” which is also very common in English (at least in the U.S.). I remember using “God damn it” a lot and started saying God verdom het in Dutch, but that is incorrect. In Dutch, the insult stays with God.

A very popular expression among young people is kut. In use, it is similar to fuck but actually refers to a female reproductive organ. Kut jongen is also very common.

Rot op literally means to rot off, which normally wouldn’t raise any eyebrows and would make me laugh, is equivalent to “fuck off” in English.

Rotzak or klootzak are used interchangeably for someone who is really annoying you or you find to be a total jerk (or asshole). These mean either bag of rot or bag of male genitals.

Eikel is a funny bad word because it means pinecone but is used as asshole.

Hufter means bastard or a mean person.

Schoft is a synonym of hufter.

As a language teacher, I have always found very comical how easy people learn bad words in their target language. The conjugation of verbs, prepositions, the name of common household items and the days of the week are never as easily and quickly learned as bad words. With this list you are armed to face off your biggest opponent and let him know just how much of an eikel he or she is!

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About the Author: Karoly Molina

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated with languages and writing. I speak English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and a little bit of French. I am a writer, reader, language teacher, traveler, and a food lover! I now live in The Netherlands with my husband Riccardo, our cat Mona, and our dog Lisa, and the experience has been phenomenal. The Dutch culture is an exciting sometimes topsy-turvy world that I am happily exploring!


  1. Ghyl Tarvoke:

    Eikel = Acorn
    but also
    Eikel = Glans
    so calling someone an Eikel is calling him/her a dickhead

  2. Annemieke:

    The English translation of eikel is acorn. So the Dutch eekhoorn eats an English acorn. As if the critters aren’t endearing enough already.

  3. Dutch mike:

    Eikel is also the top of a penis or in USA peckerhead

  4. Yuri de Groot:

    Eikel does not mean pinecone. It means acorn.

    Klootzak is not a bag of male genitals — well, not exactly.
    It actually means ball bag, i.e. scrotum.

  5. Krepstix:

    Eikel just means dickhead,…
    You have been quite civilized with the words I must say.. Any Dutch person can give you a lot more to work with 🙂

    • Karoly G Molina:

      @Krepstix Krepstix, I agree but I must admit that I hate using bad words. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting!