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Dutch Immersion Day Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Dutch Grammar, Dutch Language, Dutch Vocabulary

Dutch flagOn the Transaparent Language blogs we have been talking about language immersion days – a dedicated way of helping you with your goal to learn Dutch by spending the whole day using and doing things in Dutch.

What might a Dutch Language Immersion Day look like for you? Here are some ideas:

  • Read the news in Dutch. Don’t live in the Netherlands? You can still read the news. Here are two websites that are perfect for it: www.nu.nl and www.ad.nl
  • Watch Dutch Bert and Ernie – we all need some Bert and Ernie in our lives and luckily, they can be found on YouTube.
  • Change your Facebook language to Dutch. Don’t know how? Here are some simple instructions for changing the language of Facebook.
  • Cook a Dutch recipe. Even better, cook a Dutch recipe that is in Dutch.
  • Write your grocery shopping list in Dutch and then see if you can manage to remember what everything means.
  • Spend the day only speaking Dutch.
  • Go virtual shopping on Marktplaats.
  • Switch your browser to google.nl and explore some of the options that come up in Dutch when going about your regular searches.
  • Listen to Dutch music – if you need some ideas try Blof, Marco Borsato, Gers Pardoel
  • Watch a movie with Dutch subtitles turned on
  • Have a list of five new Dutch words and try to use them as many times as you can (correctly) throughout the day.
  • Label objects in your house with post-it notes that have the Dutch word on them. If you are feeling really ambitious find out if each one is a de or het word.

What things would you add to the list?



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