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Dutch T Verbs Posted by on Jul 29, 2009 in Dutch Language

There are a whole slew of Dutch verbs that are t verbs. How do you know whether a verb is a t verb? The stem of a ‘t’ verb will end in either t, h, f, c, k, s, p.

The verb ‘to know’ (weten) is a ‘t’ verb. (Note, this verb is used to know a fact, not to know a person)

I know (ik weet)

You know (singular, informal) (jij weet)

You know (singular, plural, informal) (u weet)

He knows (hij weet)

She knows (zij weet)

It knows (het weet)

We know (wij weten)

You know (plural, formal) (jullie weten)

They know (zij weten)

When the stem of a verb ends in t, (like weten (wet-)) the second and third person singular does not end in t.


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