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How to Say You are Awesome in Dutch Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Dutch Vocabulary

Everyone has a unique set of eigenschappen or characteristics that make them who they are. This mixture is made up of positief and negatief, all of which is relative to the person in question. Some job interviewers like to ask about these eigenshcappen to test the person interviewed. In these situations, saying you are not punctual or lazy might not be the best idea.

When someone asks you Wat zijn twee positieve eigenschappen van jezelf? You can answer with Ik heb gevoel goed humor or Ik ben heel vrolijk. The following are some of the most common characteristics you might want need:

eerlijk- honest

beleefd- polite

behulpzaam- helpful

sociaal­- social

leergierig- studious

oplossingsgericht­- problem solver

gemotiveerd- motivated

een goede luisteraar- a good listener

geduldig- patient

vastbesloten- determined

vrolijk- happy or cheerful

optimistisch- optimistic

pessimistisch- pessimistic

knorrig- grumpy

gemeen- mean

verantwoordelijk­- responsible

moedig- brave

mededogend- compassionate

meedogenloos – ruthless

creatief- creative

geweldig- awesome

If you are like me, many of these are characteristics you hope to have one day. In that case, you would say ik zou graag sociaal willen zijn or ik zou graag minder knorrig willen zijn.

What are your eigenschappen?

Image by stevendepolo found in Flickr.com

Image by stevendepolo found in Flickr.com

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  1. Herman:

    I like your blog and your enthusiasm for the Dutch language! Keep it up.
    Please note the correct spelling of ‘positief’ and ‘negatief’ (ie vowel) 🙂

    • Karoly G Molina:

      @Herman Thank you Herman!!! I didn’t even notice!

  2. Goutam Ghosh: