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Music in Dutch: Clouseau Posted by on May 24, 2017 in Culture, Dutch Vocabulary

When you are learning a new language, music is a great way to learn new vocabulary and practice pronunciation. You can practice in the shower, while you are stuck in traffic and while you are working out.

So who should you listen to?

Clouseau (photo taken by StampMedia found on Flickr.com)

The first recommendation I would like to make is the 90’s pop group Clouseau.

A little bit of history

Clouseau is a Belgian group from the 90’s that became quite popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. They started in Leuven with the single Brandweer or firemen, but their fame came after coming second in the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest. Their song “Anne” became an immediate hit despite their second place. The following year they competed once again and came in 16th place with the song Geef het op. 

The Music

What I found the most useful with Clouseau is that their songs are easy to follow and have some catchy and repetitive phrases. The first song I would like to recommend is Daar gaat ze because it is probably their biggest hit ever. What is useful about this song in regards to language is its use of past and present tense as well as practicing pronunciation.

Daar gaat ze
En zoveel schoonheid heb ik nooit verdiend
Daar staat ze
En zoveel gratie heb ik nooit gezien
Soms praat ze
Terwijl ze slapend met m’n kussen speelt
Ik laat ze
Zolang ze maar met mij m’n lakens deelt

En zelfs de hoeders van de wet
Kijken minzaam als ze fout parkeert
En zelfs de flikken hebben pret
Als ze sensueel voorbij marcheert

Ik weet wel
Dat zij waarschijnlijk niet lang bij me blijft
Ik weet wel
Dat zij met anderen haar tijd verdrijft
Zij heeft soms
Geheimen waar ik liever niets van weet
Zij zweeft soms
En droomt zodat ze soms ook mij vergeet

En zelfs de hoeders van de kerk
Kijken minzaam op haar schoonheid neer
De bisschop zegt: dit is Gods werk
Buigt z’n grijze hoofd en dankt de Heer
Nog eens een keer
Dank u, meneer

Zij heeft soms
Geheimen waar ik liever niets van weet
Zij zweeft soms
En droomt zodat ze soms ook mij vergeet

En zelfs de hoeders van dit land
Zouden liever in m’n schoenen staan
Ja, de premier dingt naar haar hand
En biedt mij zijn portefeuille aan
Maar ik denk er niet aan
Loop naar de maan

Daar gaat ze
Daar gaat ze

What music in Dutch would you recommend?

Useful vocabulary

ze- she
gratie– grace
terwijl– while
lakens– bed sheets
hoeders– guardians
ongegeneerd– with no shame
waarschijnlijk– probably
verdrijft– passing or spending
minzaam– condescending, gentle, kind

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About the Author: Karoly Molina

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated with languages and writing. I speak English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and a little bit of French. I am a writer, reader, language teacher, traveler, and a food lover! I now live in The Netherlands with my husband Riccardo, our cat Mona, and our dog Lisa, and the experience has been phenomenal. The Dutch culture is an exciting sometimes topsy-turvy world that I am happily exploring!


  1. Peter Simon:

    Helaas … he’s so uncertain with his voice, and the music is boring, though basically more melodic than most in this country, sorry. But then again, I’m of the Genesis generation – those were the days, my friend … Do you know anything such a person could, even if from a bit further off, relate to?

    • Karoly G Molina:

      @Peter Simon Hi Peter, can you recommend any Dutch artists more of your style of music? It would be nice to include more varied tastes 🙂

  2. David:

    Thanks for another great article, jouw blog is geweldig! In terms of Dutch artists I hadn’t heard of Clousseau, but I’m into a bit of Eefje de Visser.

    She is generally slow tempo folk with bits of pop, and the album De koek is particularly good. I’m not usually a massive fan of folk music, but I’d really recommend as it’s easy to listen to and it’s easier to pick up on the Dutch vocals for learners.

    • Karoly G Molina:

      @David Thank you David! I will check this artist out 🙂

  3. mad tony:

    Thye’re Flemish / Belgian and afre still going with a further come back (thanks to Liefde voor muizek (on VTM. Stars sing others’ songs all Flemish and Dutch. However Flemish vs Dutch that is another debate.
    Regarding Dutch language artists (and trying to avoid rudish ones or uncertain ones – and of course Eurotrash legend Eddy Wally + no hiphop etc) let’s try the following from olden times who’ve sung at least one good song Get Ready, The Strangers, Frank Boeijen (with and without his group), Van Tijn & Fluitsma (who were also top producers back in the day too and one of the Best Dutch songs I can remember), Twarres (if you do not mind a Friesian classic or two), Laura Lynn

    More recent: Bazart. Tourist LEMC, Gers Pardoel, etc plus as in the rest of Europe hiphop/rap in the language of choice…

    • Karoly G Molina:

      @mad tony Thank you, Tony, for the suggestions! I will check these out 🙂

  4. mad tony:

    Daar gaat ze 🙂