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Euro 2020: How Brussels lost their spot to host the games Posted by on Jun 22, 2021

Brussels Eurostadion

With Euro 2020 being hosted all over Europe, many countries tried to find ways to get some games hosted in their country – including Belgium. The Eurostadion (Eurostadium) was supposed to be Belgium’s point of pride in the European Cup. But yeah, it was supposed to be… What happened, and how did it go from…

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What do the Belgians Speak? Posted by on Sep 8, 2020

We’ve talked about the differences between Dutch and Flemish before. Words and pronunciation are quite different between Dutch dialects and Flemish ones – but where does that leave us? Flemish is not a language; the official language is Nederlands (Dutch). So what gives? A tussentaal? Vlaams as an official language does not exist; It is Nederlands. In 1980, Belgium and…

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Honking in the Netherlands? I Don’t Think So Posted by on Jul 10, 2019

Those of us who have lived in a big city know very well that one annoying sound – honking! The disproven theory is that if you honk, traffic will magically move! However, in the Netherlands, honking is rare. What are the reasons behind the lovely silence that envelopes everyone while driving? Verkeersregels There are two…

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Health Insurance in the Netherlands – Choices! Choices! Choices! Posted by on Nov 14, 2018

It is that lovely time of the year when Dutch insurances or zorgverzekeraars publish their prices for the next year and we are all faced with the decision to change or not to change providers. So what do the Dutch have to choose and who decides what is insured and what isn’t? De Wet First and…

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Environmental Projects in Netherlands and Belgium Posted by on Jul 4, 2018

One of the many things I like about living in the Netherlands is the care given to the environment. This care is for a variety of areas of the environment including protected areas, wildlife as well as pets. There are many projects throughout the country that have struck me as echt fantastisch and in this post, I…

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And the Oscar Goes to… Posted by on Mar 14, 2018

Earlier this month, the 90th ceremony of the Oscars took place in the U.S. After much backlash from the lack of diversity in the awards, this year’s ceremony seemed more open to movies from all sorts of backgrounds. The gala was full of the glamour and beautiful dresses we have grown accustomed to and everyone…

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Visiting the Dentist in the Netherlands Posted by on Oct 11, 2017

For many of us, visiting the dentist or tandarts in any language or country might seem like an unbearable task. However, daunting this task might seem, it is important to schedule regular visits to avoid serious complications. Basic words Before you make your appointment, it is important to know what the words are in Dutch and…

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