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Out in the Dutch Garden Posted by on Jul 28, 2010 in Dutch Language

For our last trip around the house, we’re going to step out into the garden.  Gardens are very important here in the Netherlands, as well as keeping plants in general.  Even if there is no actual garden, the Dutch will stuff their balconies with plants and flowers instead.  Maybe it’s because there is a lack of space here in the city, but people generally take a lot of care to make their spaces green and friendly.  I really like this tradition, and I’m rather fond of my own balcony plants as well.

Some of these terms will come from the garden, and some of these terms will come from things you can find on balcony gardens.

de tuin : the garden
tuinieren : to garden
de bloementuin : the flower garden
het tuincentrum : the garden center
het tuinameublement : the garden furniture
de tuinkabouter : the garden gnome
de tuinbank : the garden bench
de tuinstoel : the garden chair
het tuinhek : the garden fence
het tuingereedschap : the gardening tools
het tuinpad : the garden path
de bloem : the flower
de plant : the plant
het kruid : the herb
planten : to plant
groeien : to grow
bloeien : to bloom
de bloesem : the blossom
de bloemknop : the bud
het bloemblad : the petal
de bloembol : the bulb
de bloemsteel : the stem
de plantenbak : the flower box
de bloemenkrans : the floral wreath
de bloemenmand : the flower basket
de bloemenvaas : the flower vase
de bloempot : the flower pot
het bloembed : the flowerbed
het bloemperk : the flowerbed
de tuinier : the gardner
de bloemist :  the florist
de bloemenwinkel : the florist’s shop
de bloemenmarkt : the flower market
het bloemenstalletje : the flower stand
bloemrijk : flowery (literally flower rich)
de plantaarde :  the garden soil
de tuinaarde : the garden soil
de planter : the planter
de tuinschaar : the garden scissors
de tuinslang : the garden hose
de tuinsproeier : the sprinkler
het tuinfeest : the garden party

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