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Pet Names and Loving Nicknames Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in Culture, Dutch Vocabulary

When romancing in Dutch, it is important to know a couple of “pet names” or loving nicknames to use with your significant other. Saying “I love you cuddle-bug” or even a simple “hey babe” can make conversation sound sweeter and more loving.

So what pet names can you use with your Dutch or Vlemish babe or babe?


This is the most basic pet name in Dutch and the one I hear used the most. It is a very versatile nickname because you can use it for your significant other, for your children and even for your students! Its equivalent could be “sweetie” although schat literally means treasure.


We are all familiar with the Dutch tendency to make everything little by adding –jeMinuutje, huisje, theetje, and vaasje  are all part of the everyday Dutch conversation. Schatje means little treasure and it is also very common. I find this one the most endearing because it seems like it is twice as sweet!


I recently learnt this one and I love it! Snoepje means little candy but it can also be used as a pet name. What a better way to tell your significant other he/she is the sweetest!


This one is also very common. It translate as “dear” and “little dear”.

lekker ding

This one moves away from the extra sweet but it is still a cute pet name. It means “delicious thing” which doesn’t sound sweet at all.


Although I am not surprised with this one, I will absolutely never use it for someone I love. Drop is a licorice candy that is very common in the Netherlands. I personally find it to taste terrible which is why I would never use it as a nickname, but I can understand why someone else might like it.

Which pet names in Dutch do you use?

For those looking for songs to accompany sweet loving words or just to practice the pet names, here are a few songs you might like.

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  1. André van der Poel:

    I called my girlfriends “Moppie”

  2. Jessie:

    My boyfriend (he’s Dutch, I’m American) uses schatje/schat, lief, lieveling. He also calls me his “klein tere bloemetje” (I’m not delicate -.-) and “klein vogeltje.” Delicate little flower, and little bird. I fell in love with little bird the first time he called me that. …Taking a shot at my height, but I sing him to sleep often. <3

  3. Daniel:

    I’m vey sure I’m not spelling this right, but someone called me “dutcha” and I’m not sure what is means. If someone can help, amesome. thanks

    • Karoly G Molina:

      @Daniel Hi Daniel, maybe they called you a doetje which is something like cutie?