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Peter R. de Vries, misdaadverslaggever Posted by on Mar 9, 2009 in Dutch Language

Already a celebrity in the Netherlands, because of his crime-reporting skills, a man became world famous for ‘solving’ the Natalee Holloway case. Of course, I’m now talking about

Peter R. de Vries, misdaadverslaggever (the crime reporter).

For some people, he seemed to appear on tv out of the blue… a wannabe celebrity taking undercover cases and exposing criminals. For other people, he was not so new, since he’s been writing for the Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ since 1977 and in 1987 he transformed the Dutch magazine ‘Aktueel’ into a crime report magazine. He also appeared in a few

tv programmes, until he got his own programme in 1998…

When Natalee Holloway disappeared in 2005, Peter de Vries was requested several times to investigate her disappearance. When the following year he received a few interesting tips, he decided to travel to Aruba to continue the research.

Peter R. de Vries is quite known for his unorthodox way of investigating. Where others seem to fail to gain information, he succeeds… So we weren’t surprised that soon after his arrival in Aruba, he presented us with facts that were overlooked by the local police.

On the 26th of November, a special edition of Peter R. de Vries, misdaadverslaggever, appeared on television, revealing all that Peter had found during the investigation. They visit the home of prime suspect, Joran van der Sloot, who refuses to speak to Peter.

The broadcast is repeated in 2007, twice, and reaches millions of people.

In the meantime, Joran van der Sloot writes a book, acknowledging his lies, but denying the accusations.

When they finally meet face to face in January 2008, on the tv show ‘Pauw & Witteman’, Joran throws a glass of red wine straight into Peters face, who confronted him with his lies over and over again during the show.

He became really famous when broadcasting undercover movies, of Joran confessing to his partner and friend (or so he believed) Patrick van der Eem.

Months later, after Joran fleed Aruba to live somewhere in Thailand, Peter caught him again in a scheme of trafficking women to the Netherlands.

Of course, as seems to be his trademark, Joran denies all involvement.

Though I’m not a big fan of Peter R. de Vries (sometimes he just looks too smug to me) I can’t deny that, if I ever get kidnapped or killed, I hope he will too start an investigation.

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  1. David Russo:

    Peter…this is for you———
    Last night I watched the Natalie Holloway case again when you busted him. I heard one comment out of him that maybe you can answer. Joran said he used the pay phone by the pool to call his friend for help regarding Natalie’s body. Has anyone followed up on phone records from that phone on that given day with that specific time frame. Wouldn’t there be a record of that call and to who. but, who knows if he even called……..it could be just another lie.
    We need more men like you that will take evil people like this down. This guy should of never been free after Natalie. He has killed more then two women and you can take that to the bank.