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Snow day!!! Posted by on Jan 24, 2015 in Culture, News

Today was for me the winter morning I have been waiting for since I moved to the Netherlands. I woke up early hoping the weather predictions were finally true, and that today I would finally enjoy a snowy day. To my amazement, our garden was a winter wonderland….white with snow!

Our garden this morning! (personal photograph)

Our garden this morning! (personal photograph)

My first instinct was to bundle up and go out and play…I mean, what else do you do with snow? Riccardo and I walked around the garden and, of course, began a snow ball fight. I learned today that making a snow ball is not as easy as I thought. You don’t just pack the snow together into a ball because the ball can easily break. It is easiest if you roll the snow ball letting more snow adhere to it until you eventually have a big enough snow ball.

Snow ball fight! (personal photograph)

Snow ball fight!
(personal photograph)

I also learned that it isn’t easy to drive in the snow. I had figured that much but I didn’t realize how careful you have to be. You should avoid using the breaks to stop, but rather break with the motor. You should drive slowly and prepare stops and turns with enough time. In short, there is an art to snow driving, and I am glad today was not the day to learn. I took advantage of the passenger’s seat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery!

Beautiful white roads (personal photograph)

Beautiful white roads (personal photograph)

In the news there were many reports of weather accidents or delays in travel. In some areas, particularly in the North and in the West, there were delays with the train because there was too much snow on the cables that provide the trains with energy. There were also accidents on the roads as well as long lines because people had to drive so slow.

I hope all the readers who live in the Netherlands were safe and were able to enjoy the snow (if they like it). Considering the winter of 2013-2014 had no snow, I think today’s snow was not bad at all!

What did you do today to enjoy or avoid the snow? For those that don’t live here, what would you have liked to do?

Useful Vocabulary:

de sneeuw- snow

sneeuwen- to snow

de sneeuwbal- snowball

de sneeuwvlok- snowflake

de sneeuwman of sneeuwpop- snowman

het sneeuwpak- snowsuit

de slee- sled

de sneeuwband- snow tire

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