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CRAZY Snow Weather in the Netherlands Posted by on Feb 8, 2021

This weekend, something miraculous happened in the Netherlands. It snowed like it hadn’t in a very long time. Thick layers of snow in some parts of the country allowed sleeën (sleighing), langlaufen (cross-country skiing) or even skiën (skiing)! Here’s a short overview of what happened and related Dutch vocabulary as well as some Dutch news articles with more information. SO MUCH…

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April (weather) does what it wants Posted by on Apr 27, 2016

This month there has been a Dutch saying that I have heard almost on a daily basis: April doet wat het wil. It is very true that April does what it wants, at least this April. The weather in the Netherlands has been nothing short of gek with temperatures reaching the 20 degrees Celsius and then…

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Snow day!!! Posted by on Jan 24, 2015

Today was for me the winter morning I have been waiting for since I moved to the Netherlands. I woke up early hoping the weather predictions were finally true, and that today I would finally enjoy a snowy day. To my amazement, our garden was a winter wonderland….white with snow! My first instinct was to…

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Vrolijk Kerstmis! Posted by on Dec 29, 2014

Right after Sinterklaas left, a spirit of Christmas could be seen everywhere. Houses, stores and government offices displayed the Christmas spirit with trees, bows, lights and Christmas songs. The shops around town enjoyed a higher number of shoppers as the Dutch purchased presents for family and loved ones. Kerstmarkten in some cities allowed for drinking…

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