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Stadsinitiatief Rotterdam Posted by on Mar 6, 2012 in Culture, Dutch Language

If you live in the city of Rotterdam, then you probably received an envelope through your postbox inviting you to vote in the Stadsinitiatieven (City Initiatives).

The annual event invites people to put forward ideas for an initiative that will benefit the locals. The top ideas are than voted for through a city election and the winner is provided with money, support and promotion opportunities to turn the initiative into a reality.

The top five initiatives for 2012 have been announced and now the residents of Rotterdam have until March 12th to vote for their favourite. Here are the top five ideas:

  • Eerbetoon aan de Rotterdammers – “Rotterdammers bedanken voor hun bijdrage aan de stad door hun naam te laten verschijnen op een monumentaal bouwwerk”. (Tribute to the locals – A monument that has the names of people who have contributed to the city of Rotterdam)
  • Stiltepunt Rotterdam – “Een persoonlijke plek waar je tot rust komt, inspiratie opdoet, bewuste keuzes maakt en met hernieuwde energie je dagelijkse leven weer instapt”. (Quiet Point Rotterdam – A personal place where you relax and get inspiration during your day
  • Uit Je Eigen Stad – “Het eerste stadslandbouwbedrijf van Europa, in Rotterdam: eten produceren, meemaken en proeven, bij jou om de hoek”. (From Your Own City – The first city farm in Europe – food production and tasting experience)
  • Het Geluid van Rotterdam – “Met de manifestatie Het Geluid van Rotterdam vieren we de muziek in Rotterdam. Rotterdam, laat je horen!”. (The Sound of Rotterdam – An event celebrating the music in Rotterdam)
  • Luchtsingel – “Deze voetgangersbrug vormt de drager voor de duurzame ontwikkeling van Rotterdam Centraal District om leegstand het hoofd te bieden”. (Air Singel – an elevated footbridge with special additions through parts of the city)

On March 12th the winner of the voting will be announced. Which initiative would you vote for?

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