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What do the Dutch do for Christmas? Posted by on Dec 24, 2021

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It’s Christmas Eve! An exciting time in many places in the world, including in the Netherlands. While Christmas is not celebrated in the same way as it is in some other countries, it’s still a very significant holiday. What to do? The Dutch have plenty of important holidays and traditions, such as Sinterklaas on December…

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The Music Top 2000 – A New Dutch Tradition Posted by on Dec 30, 2019

Every year again in December, it is time for the Top 2000. If you’re Dutch, that should ring a bell! For days on end, the best nummers (tracks) are played on NPO Radio 2. And millions of people tune in to this lijst der lijsten (list of the lists) every year. How does the list work? The first week…

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Spreekwoorden en Uitdrukkingen (Sayings and Expressions) 13 – Sinterklaas! Posted by on Dec 5, 2019

It’s December. A month full of long hours at work to meet that early end-of-the-month deadline, sitting in traffic on the way home in the dark, and trying to stay warm despite blazing up the fireplace. But it is also a month of coming together with friends and family, reminiscing the year past and looking…

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Magical Christmas Markets in the Netherlands Posted by on Dec 7, 2016

December is here and the Netherlands is in full swing of winter / Christmas activities. There are many places to go and things to eat so get your winter jacket ready to hit the town! Kerstmarkten  Many cities and towns have begun setting up their Kerstmarkten. Greatly influenced by the German Christmas markets, Dutch markets…

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Vrolijk Kerstmis! Posted by on Dec 29, 2014

Right after Sinterklaas left, a spirit of Christmas could be seen everywhere. Houses, stores and government offices displayed the Christmas spirit with trees, bows, lights and Christmas songs. The shops around town enjoyed a higher number of shoppers as the Dutch purchased presents for family and loved ones. Kerstmarkten in some cities allowed for drinking…

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Christmas in the Netherlands Posted by on Dec 20, 2011

Are all your Christmas decorations up?  Are there presents under your tree?  There are only five more days to go before the big day.  I hope you are ready.  To get you into the Christmas mood, Dutch style, here are some things you might like to know about Christmas in the Netherlands. Christmas Days In…

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Dickens Festival Deventer Posted by on Dec 8, 2011

Begging vagabonds, stealing thieves, wealthy ladies and gentleman with top hats – it sounds like something out of a Dickens novel and that isn’t too far from the truth. Every year the 19th century of Charles Dickens is brought to life in the Bergkwartier in Deventer, in the form of the Dickens Festival.  Historical buildings…

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